New Perspectives Using Astrology

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss,  you’ll land among the stars  – anonymous

Your astrological birthchart and how you choose to manifest the energies in it are unique to you.

  • It is your ‘soul map,’ the energetic blueprint of your life.
  • It connects your story to the cosmos and a bigger picture.
  • It contains a wealth of information about you, which, when perceptively interpreted, can be a useful tool for insight.

For those who are interested in combining Psychotherapy with Astrology, I offer a unique approach using your astrological birthchart as a tool for insight and healing. While not dependent on your birthchart for answers, we can use it as a reference and to inform and enrich your understanding of the challenges you face.

I offer birthchart readings, transit readings, relationship readings and one question readings for
yourself or a loved one. These make wonderful unique gifts!

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Working with Your Birth Chart

Each planet is the conveyor of a particular energy. There are no “good” or “bad” planets; there is only choice. How we choose to manifest the energy of a planet is what has a positive or negative effect in our lives.

We’ve all been in situations where we’re presented with difficulties that seem to lock us in. Sometimes viewing the problem from a different perspective, which astrology provides, can be the key that helps us turn a situation around or see the potential in a challenge. The use of astrology to increase choice is what can make it such a valuable and empowering tool.



The Art of Chart Interpretation.

By: Tracy Marks. 2009. CRCS Publication, Sebastopol, CA.

A good book for the beginning astrologer.

Astrology, Psychology and The Four Elements.

By: Stephen Arroyo. 1979. CRCS Publications, Vancouver.

A timeless classic, Stephen gives a basic introduction to the energetic language of astrology and how it can be used to enhance a psychological perspective.

The Astrology of Self Discovery.

By: Tracy Marks. 2008. CRCS Publication, Sebastopol, CA.

An in depth exploration of the potentials revealed in your birthchart.

Therapeutic Astrology.

By: Greg Bogart. 1996. Dawn Mountain Press, Berkeley, CA.

“Shows how to use the birthchart to assist individuals through major life transitions, understand
the dynamics of relationships and marriage and to guide persons experiencing spiritual
emergencies and non ordinary states of consciousness.”

The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life.

By: Steven Forrest. 1984. Bantam Books, New York.

A blueprint for using astrology to uncover the universe of potential within you. Emphasizes making the most of your opportunities and facing your challenges creatively.


Diane Cramer… a medical astrologer.

An astrologer with a unique and fun loving style.

Use astrology to find the right location for you!

Lots of entertaining and educational content by well-known astrologers.

Spencer John does a yearly talk at Fort Mason to predict the upcoming year. This is always a packed event!

For a Free copy of your astrological birthchart!

National Center for Geocosmic Research, whose purpose it is to raise the standards of astrological education and research. Includes conference events, educational programs and interesting research.