Thinking of Starting a Family?

Create the right home and family environment for your newborn by healing rifts in your relationship before baby arrives. All too often partners make the mistake of thinking that having a baby will bring them closer and repair their relationship. Don’t fall in this trap!

Making your relationship solid is the biggest gift you can give your newborn and yourselves!

If you are going to be a queer family it is important to discuss and become prepared for the particular challenges queer families face in the USA today. Therapy can provide a place to address these concerns

New Parents?

So often we aren’t prepared for the enormous changes a baby brings into a marriage. Despite being forewarned about sleepless nights and other stressors, it is hard to prepare for the added pressures on your relationship. Mom’s attention is absorbed by baby, as it should be, but this can leave your partner feeling out on a limb and wondering how to embrace their new role as the co-parent.

The joy of a new baby can feel eclipsed by stressors with your partner. Queer parents must also deal with added social stressors. It is important to have a place to address these stressors, and therapy provides this.

Pre-existing problems in your relationship can be magnified by things like:

  • Postpartum depression (possible for either parent)
  • Sleepless nights
  • Being suddenly thrust into all the new demands that parenting entails

All this can make you and your partner more reactive with each other and more prone to unproductive fighting.

Build a solid foundation for your family by focusing on creating a strong partnership.

Learn how to develop:

  • The three key factors for a healthy and happy relationship
  • Effective conflict resolution and negotiation skills so that you can address any problem, big or small
  • A united parenting team for your baby, which will become even more important as your baby grows older

Remember: What you model in terms of healthy relationships and good communication skills is what your baby will learn from and repeat.

A Major Cost Saver

Take care of your relationship impasses and conflicts now rather than later. If you wait until they have reached crisis or boiling point, the motivation to do the repair work might be higher, but it will usually take longer and cost more.

Dealing with issues now is a big cost saver both emotionally and financially!

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