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Teleclass series for sale: This Holiday ~ Empower Don’t Devour!

This series involves Ondina Nandine Hatvany, MFT interviewing 5 experts in the field of food, weight and body image for tools and tips on how to deal with food and family stressors during the holidays.

Learn about:
* cultivating fierce self love
* the importance of radical self care
* how to deal with the “I want more monster!”
* how to support your brain with proper nutrients so its chemically balanced

~ Get a concrete plan in place in order to avoid falling into negative patterns around food, weight and body image issues
~ This series will give you practical tools to empower you for the holidays so you can have truly happy holidays!
                                                                A great gift for friends or family too!

This series will be slanted towards the Health At Every Size Approach and will include an intuitive and mindful eating emphasis.
Each class is 50 minutes long.

Empower Don’t Devour! – Part 1

Elizabeth ScottElizabeth Scott, LCSW is the Co-Founder of The Body Positive ( She has been practicing psychotherapy for twenty-four years, specializing in treating women and girls with eating and body image problems. Elizabeth trains student activists to initiate peer led eating disorders prevention programs in their schools and colleges. She provides training and supervision to psychotherapists who treat clients with eating and body image problems. The Marin County Board of Supervisors honored Elizabeth as a Public Health Hero in 2003 for her work preventing eating disorders in Marin.

Details of Teleclass: In this teleclass listen to Elizabeth talk about the 5 competencies which includes concepts like cultivating fierce self love, declaring authentic beauty, cultivating an intuitive eating approach and building a supportive community.

Elizabeth answers these questions amongst others:

  • ‘How do I eat, be happy and not feel guilty after every meal?’
  • ‘How about the men?’
  • the great ‘Weight versus Health’ debate

Also listen to Elizabeth work with one of the participants on how to deal with loneliness during the holidays and how to deal with the “I want more!” monster.

Empower Don’t Devour! – Part 2

Linda Shanti McCabeLinda Shanti McCabe Ph.D has been working in the field of addiction and eating disorder recovery since 1999 in hospital, residential, and outpatient levels of care.  Currently she works at La Ventana and the Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders (APTED) clinic. Along with using expressive arts to re-image the body, her most recent passions include SoulCollage and being “Recovery Mama.” To read more about Linda or see her blog, go to

Details of Teleclass: Dr McCabe gives some very practical tools to avoid being distracted and hijacked into more suffering by the ED/ Critic voices. She offers empowering tools for the holidays, which include bringing in “the fierce Compassionate/ Recovery Voice.” In closing she talks about the ‘SoulCollage’ workshop she offers in San Francisco, which provide a creative approach to working with the above.

Dr McCabe answers the following questions amongst others:

  • ‘How to deal with ED (eating disordered voice) in the moment or if it shows up during a holiday meal’
  • ‘How to deal with worrying about other people’s opinion about my body’

Empower Don’t Devour! – Part 3

Deborah Brenner LissDeborah Brenner-Liss, Ph.D worked at the Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia, in New York City, from 1980 to 1985, where she was on the teaching and supervisory faculty.  After moving to San Francisco, she was on staff at the Mt. Zion Eating Disorders clinic, while there was one, between about 1986 and 1987, and has since 1985 been the Director of the Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders (affectionately nick-named APTED) in San Francisco. Among other things, APTED has a training program for professionals and a sliding scale specialty clinic for those who cannot otherwise obtain treatment.

Details of Teleclass: Dr Brenner-Liss shared her own personal struggle with ED and what had worked for her in her recovery. This includes “wrapping arms of compassion around myself and reassuring myself.” Deborah says the important thing is to figure out how to be in alignment with yourself in the most gentle and nurturing way possible. You can only be where you are in your recovery and take it one day at a time.

She emphasizes the importance of connecting with yourself as a way to also connect with others and turning the shift of focus from food as a primary source of comfort to comfort in relationships with other people. She gives some practical tools you can use in the moment to connect with yourself and also emphasizes recovery in community. Finally she talks about how to use visualization and positive affirmations as tools towards empowerment for the holidays.

Some of the questions Dr Brenner-Liss answers:

  • How to deal with other people’s attention on my body?
  • How to be ok with eating more than I think I should?

Empower Don’t Devour! – Part 4

Bridget WhitlowBridget Whitlow, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist with expertise in the treatment of eating disorders using family-based “Maudsley” therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Throughout her clinical training, Bridget has also been actively involved in research projects and was one of the clinicians on a multi-site study that compared FBT to Systemic Family Therapy for adolescents with anorexia. Bridget has served as the Intensive Outpatient Program manager for UCSD’s Eating Disorder Treatment and Research Program and is currently in full-time private practice. She is also the President for Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc., a Marin and Sonoma based non-profit that provides treatment scholarships. She is an active member of the Academy for Eating Disorders and is the Co-Chair for AED’s  Social Media Committee. More about Bridget on her website:

Details of Teleclass:
 Bridget stresses the importance of having a concrete plan in place for the holidays in order to avoid falling into negative patterns around food, weight and body image issues. This plan can also include strategies for approaching food and getting a support buddy in place. Bridget emphasizes that these plans are very personal and that they must be concrete. Spending some time and getting support in devising the best possible plan for yourself this holiday can be a powerful tool towards recovery. Bridget also encourages and embraces the concept of full recovery; that it is possible and the importance of striving for it.

Some of the questions Bridget answers:

  • “How can I enjoy eating without punishing myself?”
  • “Is it ok to put my recovery first?”
  • “How to handle comfort eating around loss?”
  • “How to work with negative body image thoughts?”

Empower Don’t Devour! – Part 5

Jamie LieberJamie Lieber has been working in the healing arts for more than ten years, actively involved in exploring holistic approaches to the development of healthy, nurturing eating patterns, and the dynamic role food plays in our lives. Jamie currently has an Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine private practice in San Francisco. She is passionate about providing support and tools to help her patients create a healthy and thriving lifestyle, strongly values long held traditions related to dietary principles and the importance of prioritizing rest and relaxation. Her clinic provides an overall health approach; acupuncture, body work, exploring relationship with food and how to develop a sustainable lifestyle to nourish mind, body & soul. More about Jamie on her website:

Details of Teleclass: Jamie talks about the importance of giving your body what it needs over using will power. If the brain and body are in balance they will work with you instead of seemingly against you. She talks about the importance of “radical self care” which includes getting enough sleep, keeping your blood sugar balanced and creating a supportive community. Jamie talks about how to practice mindful eating by getting your brain on board. It is easier for the brain to stay present if it has the proper nutrients and is chemically balanced. Jamie also talks about how acupuncture can help with creating better balance in the body and mind.

Jamie addresses these questions amongst others:

  • “How to deal with obstacles in your self care plan”
  • “How to deal with my family focusing on my weight and how it effects my body image”