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Valentine’s Day Toolbox for Couples + Singles

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San Francisco is the third most expensive city in the […]

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What is the secret ingredient that makes a relationship thrive? […]

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What You Need to Know About Why Affairs Happen and How to Prevent Them

Consider this surprising statistic: At least one or both parties in 50 percent of all couples, married and living together, straight and gay, will break their vows of sexual or emotional exclusivity during the lifetime of the relationship.

To Stay or to Go? That is the Question!

Many people think that couples go to therapy in order to save their relationship, but this is not always the case. Sometimes I help couples break up. As strange as this might sound, we may need support to end a relationship, because breaking up can be hard!

Practice “Doggy Medicine” for a Happy Relationship

Recently I’ve been talking a lot with my couples about practicing what I call “doggy medicine.” Doggy medicine can apply to almost anyone, regardless of whether you own a dog (or your dog owns you!) or there is no dog in your life.