Body Image

Geneen Roth at Spirit Rock on her latest book: “Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything’’

The title of Geneen’s latest book is big and bold. I had to finally meet this woman whose older book; ‘When Food is Love’ had such a big impact on shifting me out of my own eating disorder more than 15 years ago. After all she was coming to my neck of the woods; Spirit Rock, less than 10 miles from my home! My expectation mounted as I got to the Spirit Rock parking lot, which was overflowing. The meditation hall was the most full I had ever seen it. And there she was, this tiny blonde woman with a big smile. I liked her instantly. She seemed friendly and accessible. This initial impression was confirmed once she began to talk.

What is a Healthy Body Image?

First of all what is body image? Body image is how I look- right? No! Body image is a mental idea about your physical body and how you look. Body image is something that constantly changes as it is based more on feeling than fact. This also makes it very vulnerable to distortion.

Mindful Eating – A Way To Enjoy More Quality vs Quantity

Mindful eating is about paying attention to what you eat. Actually focusing on the flavors, textures and subtleties of what you are putting in your body. It is not about eating while you are thinking of your bills, the kids, how many calories, watching TV etc. For most of us this is a tall order. There are so many distractions and people, places, things pulling on us, who has time to really pay attention to what they are eating? What is even the point?

What if it’s Not About the Food? Sharing my Personal Struggle with Food and How Healing Happened…

Yes, I was once a food addict and at the whims of emotional eating bouts that left me exhausted and filled with self loathing. At the time I thought I would never find a way out of the not so merry-go-round of the fasting/ feasting cycle that had it’s grip on me. The breakthrough was when I first began to make the connection that perhaps it was not about the food… so, what was it about then?

How Pleasure Can be a Much Better Motivator than ‘I Should’

So what happened to the New Year Resolutions to lose that weight, go to the gym and stop sugar? Or did you not even bother with resolutions this year because you didn’t want to set yourself up for failure? Who does?

Food, Family and the Holidays

If you tend to struggle with food, weight and body image, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can be particularly challenging, because they revolve so much around food and mealtimes. For the food addict*, it can feel like there is no escape. Unlike other addictions food is not something you can simply go cold turkey (pun intended) especially this time of year.