Bridget Whitlow, LMFT – Part 4

Bridget Whitlow, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist with expertise in the treatment of eating disorders using family-based “Maudsley” therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Throughout her clinical training, Bridget has also been actively involved in research projects and was one of the clinicians on a multi-site study that compared FBT to Systemic Family Therapy for adolescents with anorexia. Bridget has served as the Intensive Outpatient Program manager for UCSD’s Eating Disorder Treatment and Research Program and is currently in full-time private practice. She is also the President for Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc., a Marin and Sonoma based non-profit that provides treatment scholarships. She is also an active member of the Academy for Eating Disorders and is the Co-Chair for AED’s  Social Media Committee. More about Bridget on her website:

Details of Teleclass:

Bridget stresses the importance of having a concrete plan in place for the holidays in order to avoid falling into negative patterns around food, weight and body image issues. This plan can also include strategies for approaching food and getting a support buddy in place. Bridget emphasizes that these plans are very personal and that they must be concrete. Spending some time and getting support in devising the best possible plan for yourself this holiday can be a powerful tool towards recovery. Bridget also encourages and embraces the concept of full recovery; that it is possible and the importance of striving for it.

Some of the questions Bridget answers:

  • “How can I enjoy eating without punishing myself?”
  • “Is it ok to put my recovery first?”
  • “How to handle comfort eating around loss?”
  • “How to work with negative body image thoughts?”
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