Elizabeth Scott, LCSW – Part 1

Elizabeth Scott, LCSW is the Co-Founder of The Body Positive (www.theBodyPositive.org ) She has been practicing psychotherapy for twenty-four years, specializing in treating women and girls with eating and body image problems. Elizabeth trains student activists to initiate peer led eating disorders prevention programs in their schools and colleges. She provides training and supervision to psychotherapists who treat clients with eating and body image problems. The Marin County Board of Supervisors honored Elizabeth as a Public Health Hero in 2003 for her work preventing eating disorders in Marin.

Details of Teleclass: In this teleclass listen to Elizabeth talk about the 5 competencies which includes concepts like cultivating fierce self love, declaring authentic beauty, cultivating an intuitive eating approach and building a supportive community.

Elizabeth answers these questions amongst others:

  • ‘How do I eat, be happy and not feel guilty after every meal?’
  • ‘How about the men?’

and she talks about the great ‘Weight versus Health’ debate

Also listen to Elizabeth work with one of the participants on how to deal with loneliness during the holidays and how to deal with the “I want more!” monster.

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