Jamie Lieber – Part 5

Jamie Lieber has been working in the healing arts for more than ten
years, actively involved in exploring holistic approaches to the development of healthy, nurturing eating patterns, and the dynamic role food plays in our lives. Jamie currently has an Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine private practice in San Francisco. She is passionate about providing support and tools to help her patients create a healthy and thriving lifestyle, strongly values long held traditions related to dietary principles and the importance of prioritizing rest and relaxation. Her clinic provides an overall health approach; acupuncture, body work, exploring relationship with food and how to develop a sustainable lifestyle to nourish mind, body & soul. More about Jamie on her website: www.jamielieber.com

Details of Teleclass:
Jamie talks about the importance of giving your body what it needs over using will power. If the brain and body are in balance they will work with you instead of seemingly against you. She talks about the importance of “radical self care” which includes getting enough sleep, keeping your blood sugar balanced and creating a supportive community. Jamie talks about how to practice mindful eating by getting your brain on board. It is easier for the brain to stay present if it has the proper nutrients and is chemically balanced. Jamie also talks about how acupuncture can help with creating better balance in the body and mind.

Jamie addresses these questions amongst others:

“How to deal with obstacles in your self care plan”

“How to deal with my family focusing on my weight and how it effects my body image”

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