Harnessing the Power of Venus Retrograde

Venus goes retrograde in Aries today (March 6th) until April 17th. This occurrence happens approximately every 18 months. Venus rules love and money but on a deeper level what we value most deeply. This could be a powerful transit for those who know how to work with it. Read on for some clues and tips about how to harness the power of Venus retrograde…

What to expect???
First look at where Aries falls in your natal birthchart to see what area of your life is going to be most effected. Even if you have no planets in Aries, the area that this retrograde falls in will be most changed. Sometimes this change can be subtle so pay attention!
For instance if Venus is retrograding through your 4th house expect your home/ family life to shift. Because retrogrades are generally more of an internal process this shift could also happen in terms of how you hold the concept of home/ family internally.

Retrogrades are considered more introspective periods in whatever area the particular planet rules.
Venus rules pleasure, love and money. Generally it is advised to avoid any impulse spending and it might be better until after April 17th to try that new hairdo! If you do go on that big spending spree you might find yourself returning a lot of your purchases after the 17th. This is also known as a notoriously bad time to get married and watch out for business negotiations! They might need to be revamped after the 17th.

A note about the above because l know all this can start to sound like superstition, which is what ends up giving astrology a bad name. I prefer to look at what inherent message or lesson there might be in a transit. So for instance one way to really harness the power of a Venus retrograde might be to look more closely at what has true value or meaning for you. This might not be such a bad thing anyway considering where the economy is at. In other words instead of seeking validation or pleasure from lots of spending, perhaps take a moment to look at what brings you pleasure from within; yoga, meditation, spending time in your garden or with your child… The possibilities are endless! A Venus retrograde period might be a welcome respite from the constant consumerism we are encouraged to engage in…

Another way to harness the potential beneficial effects of a Venus retrograde is to do some meditating on love. Perhaps instead of going on yet another date or seeking love/ validation from outside yourself this might be a good time to cultivate self love or look at what blocks there are in this area. Then when Venus goes direct watch out!

This is a great time to clear up any unresolved matters of the heart. Figures from your past might pop out of nowhere or consider seeking them out to make amends and repair broken bridges. Figures or events from your past that have caused you heartache or maybe still do have a chance to be resolved now. If Venus is about love and she is retrograding, go inward to see what sits heavy on your heart. This is an opportunity to clear up all that emotional baggage so your heart can really sing again!

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