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84Yeah that’s my cat up there. His name is “Mars” and he loves mice! Over to the left is part of last year’s holiday card with me as Alice in Wonderland enjoying the “Holidaze”..; )

What a busy time of year it has been! There is some intense astrological activity going on. Have you been feeling it? Check out the ‘Astrology Eye’ below for more details.

Teleclass series for sale: ‘This Holiday ~ Empower Don’t Devour!’

Watch this video to find out why Ondina thinks this series is right for you or the perfect gift for a loved one…

This series involves Ondina Nandine Hatvany, MFT interviewing 5 experts in the field of food, weight and body image for tools and tips on how to deal with food and family stressors during the holidays.

Learn about:

  • cultivating fierce self love
  • the importance of radical self care
  • how to deal with the “I want more monster!”
  • how to support your brain with proper nutrients so its chemically balanced

Get a concrete plan in place in order to avoid falling into negative patterns around food, weight and body image issues

This series will give you practical tools to empower you for the holidays so you can have truly happy holidays!

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A great gift for friends or family too!

This Holiday Give Yourself and Your Partner the Gift of Your Presence

78So much of the holidays can be taken up with the busy stuff of gift buying, travel plans, and food and festivity preparations that we’re often left exhausted and depleted. It’s easy to forget what the holidays are fundamentally about: to connect and be with family, friends and loved ones. This holiday, offer the gift of your presence to both yourself and your loved ones.

Learn about the neurobiology of “we,” how mindfulness can increase trust and the power of a “connection ritual.”

“These connection rituals can become the lifeboat for a relationship that is drowning in to-do’s!”

Read more here…

The Astrology Eye

76Starting in 2012 and ending in 2015 is a series of 7 intense squares between revolutionary Uranus and powerful Pluto. November 1st was the 4th in this series of seven.

How does this show up politically? Uranus is the voice of the people wanting justice and freedom from Plutonian style leaders who pursue power and wealth at the expense of the people. There is the potential for much needed changes with this intense planetary configuration, one does not need to look very far to see this already happening!

How can these planetary movements effect one personally? It depends where Uranus and Pluto fall in your chart. Where this is exactly will dictate the level of intensity, chaos or change you are experiencing right now. I know that many of my clients are getting directly effected by this transit. If you’ve been wondering why things have been feeling so intense recently this could be why!

Ondina also does astrology readings if you want to get a clearer idea about how this and other planetary configurations are effecting your world…

Call (415) 381-1065 to find out about the different type of astrology readings offered~

Ondina Nandine Hatvany, MFT

83Ondina assists traditional, alternative and queer couples with an approach that combines the latest discoveries in neuroscience with powerful and effective developments in couples research. She uses an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to help her couples get past blame and shame to a place of more understanding, trust and intimacy.

As former Director of the Eating Disorders program at the Community Institute of Psychotherapy Ondina advocates a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach that empowers women to befriend their bodies.

Ondina works with trauma/ abuse survivors using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and somatic (body mindfulness) psychotherapy techniques with a high effectiveness rating.

As a somatically trained psychotherapist and former yoga teacher, one of the ways she can assist you to make lasting changes is to foster body mindfulness. She uses somatic psychotherapies such as Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing to facilitate transitions and shifts that last.

For those who are interested in combining Psychotherapy with Astrology, Ondina offers a unique approach using your astrological birthchart as a tool for insight and healing. While not dependent on your birthchart for answers, you can use it as a reference and to inform and enrich your understanding of the challenges you face.

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