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Whats Happening in the Stars?!

Wed 26th Sept
Mercury trines Jupiter…; )

Planet of communication (Mercury) is making a lovely angle to planet of good luck (Jupiter)

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our zodiac. It is useful to use the energy of this transit for expansion.

In other words this is a good time to think BIG. If you are planning or launching something this is the time! The ability to see the big picture is highlighted just watch out for missing important details.

It is also an excellent time for any kind of public speaking or interview.

If none of the above applies to you just enjoy the social, chatty aspect of these two planets in aspect to each other.

Saturday, September 29, Aries Full Moon
This moon is hyper and hot! It will be angling both Pluto + Uranus which is a highly excitable and emotional combo- Be ready for surprises and drama! Also depending on where this lunation falls in your personal astrological birth chart that something that has been poised for change could radically shift around this time.

If you are following the moon here are her dates:
New Moon September 15- 1st quarter Moon, September 22; Full Moon, September 29; Last quarter Moon, October 8; Next New Moon, October 15.

Other Planetary Mischief

Mercury Retrograde- Sunday, November 4 to 26th
This is not the time to sign any business deals, get married or make a major purchase. Often with a mercury retrograde you will have to re-do or return to what you tried to start during the three week period this planet was going backwards. It is best to spend this time to review, retreat, renegotiate, revise etc anything that starts with “re-” is really well aspected!

Perhaps it’s the time to reorganize your office or review your finances? When Mercury goes direct again then you can proceed forward with any plans.

For more on how these transits might be effecting you in particular call Ondina for an astrology reading (415) 381-1065

Enjoy Fall + Your Stars!

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