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The Shadow Side of Self-Proclaimed “Light Leaders” or How I Got Scammed by Epic Academy

“Like you, we believe in spreading light, peace and love to the far reaches of the universe. In order to make a massive positive impact, by giving more and reaching more people, the light leaders of the world need to know how to run a business.”
– Amber Sears

The above quote is an excerpt from a promotion for a month-long yoga teacher training course in Thailand with Epic Academy, which was founded by Amber Sears (formerly Amber Zuckswert) ( http://epicself.com).

In many ways the internet is the new wild west. People can create whatever shiny, glossy image of themselves or their product and there is no one to check them. What follows is a cautionary tale, based on my own experience.

I flew to Thailand in December 2018 for my long-awaited, month-long, yoga teacher training course with Epic Academy, hosted by Amber Sears. I had been looking forward to this trip ALL year. It provided what I thought would be the perfect combination, bringing together my passion for yoga with my interest in medicine work. On top of this I would have a chance to update and revamp my 10-year-old website. And the final cherry on top: It offered a month of “organic, gourmet, raw + vegan cuisine.” For a foodie like me, it was the description and pictures of the food that were the deciding factor. I thought I would have a chance to get super healthy and maybe even finally become a vegan. (As an animal lover, being a meat eater is an ongoing dilemma.) While I certainly don’t consider myself a “light leader,” this course still called to me on so many different levels!

I did my research and scoured the internet to find out more about this woman Amber Sears, who founded Epic Academy…

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Meet UK based Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz otherwise known as “The Man Whisperer”

Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz is a personal development consultant whose aim is to get to the heart of any man’s problems. Navigating issues of health, wealth, love and the inevitable mid-life transition, Kenny employs a wide variety of techniques to get to the heart of who you really are.

Kenny offers in person coaching sessions in London (UK) and online coaching sessions to his international clients. He runs men’s groups and offers training to people who want to facilitate their own group in London (UK) and online. He is also a business consultant who specializes in family-run businesses.

You can hear him on his weekly show here: The Men’s Radio Show

Learn more about how Kenny works in his article: ‘Why Don’t Men Speak? Men don’t speak because no one is listening. Let’s find a way to listen…’

Click here to get to Kenny’s Website

Click here to get to Men’s Groups

Astrology Eye

Although Mercury has finally come out of her 3 week long retrograde period at the end of March, watch out for the first two days of April when Mercury in dreamy Pisces exactly conjuncts spacey Neptune in the heavens. Errors in thinking and judgement are likely. Communication problems in both home and office also may be common. Double-check the important details and realize that some folks will avoid the truth or greatly exaggerate the facts during the first week of April.

We begin the Retrograde parade again on April 11 when Jupiter begins to retrograde. Pluto will also begin to back up on the bases on April 24. Saturn follows and also turns retrograde on April 29. There’s nothing unusual about these retrograde cycles as these planets drive in reverse for a few months every year. However it is a good idea to be a bit more cautious with matters ruled by each planet when they are backing up. Jupiter rules expansion-be careful not to go overboard in the months ahead. Saturn rules your responsibilities and ambitions-time to review your choices, actions, and how well you are fulfilling your mission. Pluto rules the process of healing and transformation so check which house he’s traveling through in your chart. This will show what area of your life is being worked by these transformative Plutonian energies.

MAY sees six planets in earth signs at one time. Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all traveling through earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. It’s rare that we see this! This situation kicks on green lights for making important purchases and decisions around your home or office in May.
Most helpful is that Venus, ruler of love and money, is in Taurus from May 15 to June 8. Venus in one of her home signs sets up a splendid period of time for social introductions, to get married, and to find new sources of income and profitable connections in your work. (This information has been paraphrased from one of my favorite astrologers W. Lance Ferguson of Skywatch Astrology.)

Ondina N. Hatvany, LMFT

I help adults get out of emotional ruts without having to do years of therapy, so they can have more joy and live their best life.
I work with people who are ready for change, transformation and healing. There is no one-size-fits-all, my approach is tailored to my client’s individual needs.

I offer:

* Couples and Individual Therapy
* Healing from Trauma + Abuse
* Recovery from Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues
* Psychedelic integration to facilitate the integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness

Some of my specialized tools:

* EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
* Depth Hypnosis
* Somatic Psychotherapies
* EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) + PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) for couples work

Feel free to call for a free, no-obligation, initial phone consultation
(415) 381-1065 or email: Ondinah@gmail.com

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