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Why Support is Important for Dealing with Food, Weight + Body Image Issues

In her first session with me Rose exclaimed emphatically, “No offense to you, but I feel that I should be able to control my food and weight by myself without the help of a therapist!”

Over the years, Rose had tried various ways to cure her food and weight obsession. Although she had been able to achieve some temporary relief, nothing lasted for very long. She soon found herself back on the not-so-merry-go-round of failed diets and increasing self-hatred and desperation. Was there something Rose was not getting?

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Couples Corner

Human couples could learn a thing or two from our furry friends about how to create safety in connection!

But what if you do float apart?

Did you know…that even good marriages/ relationships are not immune from affairs?

In my next ezine…

  • Discover what creates fertile grounds for affairs to happen and what you can do if your relationship is trying to recover from an affair…
  • Learn about what works in the prevention of affairs and what doesn’t
  • Also learn the single best indicator of whether a relationship can survive infidelity…

Next Ezine coming this Fall!

Whats Happening in the Stars?!

Uranus Squares Pluto – June 24

Astrology’s two most transformational planets make the first of seven earth-shaking squares in a series that doesn’t end until March 16, 2015. This planetary configuration is a game changer!

Expect big changes on the planet. If this configuration hits a personal point in your chart you can expect big personal changes and breakthroughs as well…

When Uranus + Pluto square they create a make or break force. Things that have been brewing for awhile suddenly come to a head. If you have been needing to make much needed changes now is the time! Harness the power of this transit to get yourself in better alignment with your path, your calling, your truth…

Other Planetary Mischief

Uranus Retrograde- Friday, July 13

This relates to the above transit of Uranus squaring Pluto but it will bring the energies more within. By this I mean that on a planetary level there might be much more behind the scenes work being done to create needed changes. You will not necessarily hear about it yet in the media.

On a personal note revolution starts with you! Real freedom starts on the inside. This is the time to really shift the internal patterns that keep you stuck. It is also a great time to let go of habits that just don’t serve you anymore.

Mercury Retrograde- Saturday, July 14 for 3 weeks

This is not the time to sign any business deals, get married or make a major purchase. Often with a mercury retrograde you will have to re-do or return to what you tried to start during the three week period this planet was going backwards. It is best to spend this time to review, retreat, renegotiate, revise etc anything that starts with “re-” is really well aspected!

Perhaps it’s the time to reorganize your office or review your finances? When Mercury goes direct again then you can proceed forward with any plans.

For more on how these transits might be effecting you in particular call Ondina for an astrology reading (415) 381-1065

Enjoy Your Summer + the Stars!

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