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The Invisible Wounds of Growing up with the Narcissistic Parent

ebe83035-2385-4de4-987c-9a561849dd14Children of narcissists are often late bloomers because some of the basic building blocks for navigating the complex world of relationships and life simply aren’t there. This can also create self-esteem issues because the child of the narcissist feels something is inherently wrong with them. There is, of course, nothing wrong with them. They are carrying the invisible wounds of growing up with the narcissistic parent. It’s like trying to walk through life but with invisible crutches while everyone else is walking through life with real legs. It’s not until later in life when the child is an adult that the effects become more evident. Things like lack of life direction, inability to find a career that satisfies, multiple failed and dysfunctional relationships, and of course poor self-esteem are some of the fallouts of this invisible wounding.
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Linda Shanti McCabe, licensed Clinical Psychologist

If you’re looking for an excellent Psychologist who specializes in Eating Disorders I highly recommend my colleague Linda Shanti McCabe.

897baeaa-cc6a-4175-acc2-5853490e0d8cLinda Shanti McCabe is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in San Francisco; She has been helping women recover from disordered eating, body image distress, anxiety, and depression since 1999. To read more about her professionally, visit DrLindaShanti.com.

She will be facilitating a Halfway-Through-the-Year Vision Collage Workshop (for those that missed it in January or those that need a refresher on their vision) and Art Opening at Unity Church in San Francisco on Sunday, July 10, 2016. To register, or for more information, email Linda@DrLindaShanti.com or call 415-335-2596.

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The Astrology Eye

Here is a preview of the month from one of my favorite astrologers Lance Ferguson (www.skywatchAstrology.com).

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.22.44 AMMars goes direct June 30th. He’s still in powerful Scorpio, a sign he co-rules. He now brings us fabulous energy to clean out the closets and to bring old furniture back to new life. Or to dive into a therapy that looks at our emotional conditioning. Scorpio wants to get down and get at the truth. Mars is pushy and impatient, but also willing to try something new.

This is a very good month to put your energy into something that helps you grow and progress. The right choice is the one you feel the strongest about. Scorpio is a water sign = feelings count.

There’s a New Moon on July 4, the nation’s birthday. That’s a very good sign in astrology-and makes for an extremely powerful Solar Return for the USA. New ideas and new initiatives will be floating through the headlines in the months ahead; new energy will fuel breakthroughs and positive situations encouraging all of us to support our country’s values and laws. This will be an important year for America. As to whether the new values/solutions that appear bring benefits for all, or don’t last more than the first few innings and only bring benefits to the wealthy, only time will tell.

JULY KISS DAYS: 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 15+, 20.
Choose the morning of the 15th for the hardest call you have to make, or for getting a new haircut-it’s a day of Grace and a good time to get in touch with the people who can help you. There are good aspects in many of the other days this month, but you’ll need to check out the daily reports as something else is also happening on those days which you need to know about, along with the kiss.

JULY QUACK DAYS: 7+, 11, 29.
That’s it. There aren’t many difficult markers in the heavens this month. Stay out of the dentist’s chair on the 7th as astrological skies cloud up and nobody is in a good mood. Communication problems are likely on all three days-wait for another day to make your case.

~ ~ ~ Enjoy Summer!!! ~ ~ ~

Ondina Nandine Hatvany, MFT

72Ondina assists traditional, alternative and queer couples with an approach that combines the latest discoveries in neuroscience with powerful and effective developments in couples research. She uses an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to help her couples get past blame and shame to a place of more understanding, trust and intimacy.

As former Director of the Eating Disorders program at the Community Institute of Psychotherapy Ondina advocates a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach that empowers women to befriend their bodies.
Ondina works with trauma/ abuse survivors using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing,) hypnosis and somatic (body mindfulness) psychotherapy techniques with a high effectiveness rating.

Finally as a somatically trained psychotherapist and former yoga teacher, one of the ways she can assist you to make lasting changes is to foster body mindfulness. She uses somatic psychotherapies such as Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing to facilitate transitions and shifts that last.

Feel Free to call for a free initial phone consultation on Ondina’s confidential office line (415) 381-1065 or e-mail: Ondinah@gmail.com

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